Any problems with descriptions of tasks on our monthly reports?


Do you have problems with understanding describtions of tasks on our monthly reports? 

Perhaps those tasks are one of those below:

  1. Internal and external project meetings:
    - meetings inside developers team that are connected with Your product development:
    - meetings with You (for example, sprint planning, sprint review (demo) etc. );
  2. Environment Management:
    - repository preparation, repository management, local environment setup;
    - production environment setup (prepare for tasks, prepare for project locally ): 
  3. Testing new functionality/ties
    - task that sums up all tests done to provide a functionality of highest quality;
    - testing during development,  after deployment or testing of current state; 
  4. Functionalities deployment
    - task that sums up whole deployment process of a functionality; 
  5. Hotfix: [<TASK NAME>]
    - task connected with certain hot-fix applied to resolve issue within another task:



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