How many domain extensions exist?


It is estimated that there are up to 280 domain extensions available at the moment. It is important to understand what a domain extension is before we get into the number that exists. A domain extension is an entry that comes at the end of a web address. It is meant to specify a category of the internet or a code of a country.

The common examples of extensions that are recognizable are .us, .uk, .ke and, .de, .com, .org, .biz, etc. Dot-COM is the leading unrestricted extension and is mostly favored by companies and organizations. Some domain extensions are designed purposely for certain websites. For instance, they are designed as per industry. So, .travel is meant for the travel industry and .org is meant for organizations. The country extensions are also available for specific countries. They can only be utilized for websites of the same countries. You could probably ask yourself why there are so many domains. They are designated for certain purposes. Some of the domain functions include the following:

  • branding purposes
  • showing where a website belongs in terms of a country
  • serves a specific society and community such as the .asia.

What are regional domain extensions?

Regional domain extensions are the extensions that are only restricted to a particular region, this means that if one is going to use them for any purpose they ought to be from a particular region. They are ideal for businesses that deal only with a particular segment of the market. Therefore a regional domain extension is an extension that is limited to a particular region within a given area. Regional extensions are important since users will be able to know where the organization is operated from and in the end, gain trust and confidence from visitors. In other words, some clients want to deal with local organizations hence the advantage of a regional domain extension.

What are GTLD extensions?

The meaning of gTLD is Generic Top Level Domains. Top-level refers to what is on the right side of the dot, or after the dot, for instance, dot com. The old TLDs are the original extension domains. The rest that came after are the generic ones. As the internet grows, the extensions on TLDs have advanced, and several GTLDs have come up for use up to date. The GTLDs provide a wider scope for businesses and individuals' visibility due to the crowded old TLD hence the availability of the extension. Verifiably, the generic top-level domain extensions included those made in the early improvement of the technology that is currently supported by assigned offices or associations and is confined to explicit kinds of registrants. Accordingly, domain extensions such as edu, gov, etc are currently viewed as supported top-level domains, much like the themed top-level domains. The whole gathering of spaces that don't have a geographic or national assignment is still regularly alluded to by the term generic TLDs.

When should a business choose a regional domain?

Regional domain name extensions have their purpose, especially for business organizations. They are not only used because they sound good, but you will also note that some are expensive and some are cheap. The reason why some are cheap and others are not is that some are business guarantees while others are not or are moderate. As for businesses, they usually go for a regional extension for marketing and increase sales and visibility in a given region. On the other hand, regional domain extensions are greater for marketing and an increase in the client base. A business domain extension is branding in some way because it will keep a business in the global arena and make it known to many. For instance, .com which stands for commercial is a generic top-level domain. It is the most common extension that is used globally and preferred by most organizations, while .net is preferred for most online operations. On the other hand, your domain extension plays an important role in your recognition online. If your objective is to create a really strong brand and stand out in the market, an extension is the best consideration in this case. Without an extension, you simply give a good platform to your competitors to outrun you in the market. At the same time, by having a domain extension in place you are not only guaranteed to maintain your existing clients but also you will be able to make new customers anytime and expand your business.

When Should a Business Choose GTLD Domain?

In today’s commercial world, gTLDs are becoming important as the day goes. They are an initiative of the (ICANN). It was aimed at expanding the domain name systems to enhance competition, consumer services, satisfaction, and business growth. At the moment there are over 1200 gTLDs in the world. When a business wants to provide website clarity to its clients and the public, it must use the gTLD domain. For users, it provides instant knowledge of what a website is dealing with and at the same time helps them make decisions. With the new gTLD, it is easier to understand the perspective of the audience or clients. GTLD improves the search engine ranking of a site, that's because a site that uses gTLD tends to raise attention and curiosity among online visitors hence increasing relevance and traffic. As mentioned, branding can only be practical when there is more recognition done to a product or service. That's why gTLD is so important in the brand stabilization of a site when online. There is a chance that gTLD provides positive impacts on SEO increasing visibility and traffic which boosts business.

How Many Domain Extensions Does Sailing Byte Provide?

Several companies and organizations provide domain extensions. The challenge is to choose the best one with the most competitive price. The same companies may offer the same products but the difference comes when it comes to their different terms. The terms are mostly based on affordability, maintenance, and the version of service offered. A business must make sure that before you engage the services of a given organization in terms of domain extensions, you should understand how they execute their services and what they offer. It is important to make it unique from the rest. For instance, one of the leading organizations in the domain extension industry is Sailing Byte. We offer an array of extensions. They are competitive and affordable. They have over 600 extensions to offer, including. .pl,,,, and many more.


Having a domain name extension is one of the crucial parts of maintaining your presence online. Extensions play a critical role in business development and expansion. On the other hand, you should be able to select the best extension from the many that are around the web. The most important consideration is to choose the best organization that will make your dream practical and help you move from one level to another. Getting the portfolio of an organization like Sailing Byte before engaging them is a great step. It will make you consider many factors when choosing domain extensions.




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