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If you think personal domains are only best for celebrities, it is a misconception. They are not meant for a particular person or class of people. They can be used by anyone who understands their importance. You may think that you do not need a domain. It may be true unless you have a company or a business big enough to require a domain to start a blog. Purchasing a personal domain is important. Apart from the affordability of a personal domain, it is also important for personal branding. 

Sometimes people assume that there are some professions that best work online. It should be a factor in considering if one should have a personal domain or not. Whether you are a plumber, journalist, or graphic designer, a personal blog is very important. You need your domain to fit into the online market. There you can easily market your product and services. At the same time, you may have a physical business card but when it comes to online presence, your domain acts as the online business card at all times. If someone searches for your type of business online and you have your domain, they are likely to come across your offer. Thanks to a personal domain, it is not only easier for you to pop up when searched for but it is also a sign of professionalism and genuineness. One thing that has always been a hindrance to having a personal domain is affordability. However, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, it is cheap to acquire one and reserve it for your representation online.

Impact of using email for personal domain on CV

In the era of digital advancement, including personal domain details on your CV is one of the best things you can do. It is a sign of professionalism and mastery of a field you have studied. Employers look for something unique from prospective employees. Let's imagine, only you included a domain in your CV. It could be of great advantage to you. Most companies may not want to deal with unverified documents. Such online presence can be the only verification they need. They will simply have a look at your portfolio and determine the kind of person you are. Therefore, including the details in your CV creates an impression that you understand the importance of online representation which is made available to all who need your services. It is the best way to market yourself and your services, and it is also a sign of confidence as translated by employers. Above all, it is proof of possession of technical skills.

Impact of using email from the personal domain on business partners

In the current economic era, most companies have a domain name and have made advancements in online operations. They engage in online operations just like they do physically. Surprisingly, many do not use a custom domain for emails. Instead, they use personal emails for business when dealing with business partners and stakeholders. You may be perceived as a person and not as a business. Having a domain mail is more professional than having a private email. It looks official when you communicate by the use of a domain mail for business purposes rather than the use of personal mail. The recipient may not have the confidence in dealing with you but they may feel comfortable dealing with the organization, more than a person. Using a business mail address brings forth efficiency in operations and guarantees business continuity.

How to make a professional yet simple page to present yourself on your domain?

A page in your domain plays an important role in making people understand you and have an understanding of your abilities. It will present a picture of who you are online and what you deal with generally. It is a place where you tell people the nature of the products and services you offer. There is a way that you can sound simple yet add a little bit of professionalism. Why should you not paint a picture? If you paint a picture of a business that is too simple, you may not be taken seriously. Being too professional can present you and your activities as rigid. So which is better? Find a middle ground. Keep it simple but also maintain a given standard to present professionalism. Being professional makes the prospective clients trust you.

How to select domain extension for your domain

You should consider a few factors before you select a domain extension. Firstly, it is imperative to understand the purpose of the site, you cannot just pick any extension without understanding its niche. A domain is one of the foundations of your website since it is something you are going to stay with for a long time. That implies that the decisions regarding domain extension should be carefully made. Consider making a good choice in terms of LTDs that originate from your locality. When selecting a domain extension, consider country codes; they are important in directing you to the right audience. For instance, if you are from a given country, you should select extensions that are related or are from your country of origin.

What to do if your dream domain is reserved?

Most of the time people and businesses find it hard to get their dream domain names. Why? Because most of them are reserved by somebody else. Some extensions may also not be available making the process more complicated. However, there is always a way out. Pick what is available that is similar to your dream domain. Be flexible. After choosing an alternative domain name, you can just use it or add something to make it unique. For example, your dream domain name is 'kisomo'. However, the domain name '' already exists. Add a word and make it ‘’. If you are desperate to have your dream domain unchanged, you can contact the owner and negotiate a purchase. However, the purchase of a domain may be expensive. It will depend on some factors. One of them is whether the domain is active. If so, it will be valuable and most probably expensive. Sometimes it is not worth sticking to a category or one domain.  

Simple selection of Meta tags for your website

Meta tags provide data regarding a webpage in the HTML of the document. The information obtained from the Meta tags is what is known as metadata. This information is not displayed on the page itself but can only be understood by search engines and Web Crawlers. A webpage has additional information. Metadata, obtained by search engines from the Meta tags, helps them to source it from the WebPages. The information once processed by the search engine can be used for ranking. Firstly, you should be able to create a Meta tag. You will also need to place a Meta tag in your page heading. One of the fundamentals of choosing Meta tags is not using the most popular words. You should be guided by the fact that a visitor will always click on your website if what they are looking for matches their needs. Use an online Meta tag generator to simplify the process. One simple way of Meta tag establishment is to think like a visitor to your site. Come up with words that are common and related to your site.


The data acquired from the meta labels is what is known as metadata. Even though it is not displayed on the page itself it must be comprehended. More often than not individuals and organizations think that it is difficult to get their domain names because the greater part of them may have been reserved and removed. Many might be, but it ought not to be a hindrance. You can quickly choose a similar one and create the domain successfully. A page in your area assumes a significant job in causing potential clients to reach you and have a comprehension of your capacities. It will introduce an image of who you are on the web and what you manage. Keep in mind, when you work or have a chance to work for a given association, they will leave input as a proposal made accessible on the web. A few organizations have the standard that they check your subtleties on the web, and having space is of preferred position.

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