What to Consider Before Registering an Internet Domain?


For many Internet users, a domain is simply a few letters they type into the browser URL bar to find the website they are looking for. Broadly speaking, it is correct, but an Internet domain has many more interesting aspects that I would like to introduce to you today. Let us start from the basics.

How to find a website? The Distinction between a Domain Name and an IP address

 At the moment of writing this article, there are 1.14 billion websites on the internet. It is not a surprise that there had to be a system put in place to find exactly the one you are searching for. That is partly why the Internet Domain was invented. It is a name that identifies with a specific website online and therefore can be used to access it. The domain indicates the location of the website on the whole Internet, but it is not its actual address. The words we type in the browser window only symbolize an actual website address called the IP address, which consists of several numbers and dots. You have probably already noticed that remembering a sequence of numbers to enter a website would be utterly exhausting for human brains. Therefore, the Domain Name System (DNS) was created so that when you enter the domain name in the web browser, you can reach the website without seeing the IP number. The domain names can consist of letters or numbers that usually are in correspondence with the contents of the websites they lead to, for example, www.sailingbyte.com

What makes a good Internet Domain? The importance of an appropriate Internet Domain name

The misconception about Internet domains that sometimes occurs is that they apply only to big companies. The truth is, any type of business or individual can have an internet domain. What is more, an internet domain is one of the most crucial aspects of building and expanding a business reputation. One of the things prospective customers do when looking for products online is to search for them on the web. If your website is easy to find online, the potential of increasing your sales volume will be high.

How to choose a good domain for your business? It will be a word or phrase that matches your business name or the nature of the business. It should also be short. Imagine a prospective new client who visits your website once and would like to come back. The chances are higher that they remember the domain name if it is simple and connected with the product they were looking for. 

It does not seem like a complicated task, but the real fun begins at the time of registering your domain. As with the addresses in real life, there cannot be two identical domains. It often happens that the domain name chosen may already be in use. The struggle is intensified if the domain name is unavailable, but the website does not seem to be active. It may be hard to believe but only 17% of all websites are active, whereas 83% are inactive. Whatever the difficulties of creating a domain may be, it is worth overcoming them.

Nowadays, in a modern and computerized world, a business without a website and therefore a domain is considered rather outdated. Furthermore, the chances of reaching a potential customer with a catchy domain name increase. A good internet domain might deliver marketing objectives for your services and products on a global scale, as compared to the normal marketing procedures conducted offline.

How to buy a domain name? The domain registrars and registry explained

 When the domain name is already associated with the website, there comes the time to find a domain registrar. The registrar is the company that you purchase the domain from. It is a so-called middleman between you (a registrant) and the registry, which is the main administrator, in other words, home to the website. Thanks to them, there are set policies for the domain you bought. Many registry services are offering various suffixes that get added to the domain name, such as .com .net and many others. Such suffixes are called domain extensions. .com is probably the most known and at the same time the first-ever domain extension in the world, created in 1985.

It is also worth mentioning that once you buy the domain name, you do not own it forever. You are only a registrant as long as you pay the subscription for your domain name. Technically, it means that you cannot buy a domain name or own a domain completely. It is only available for rent for the period of the subscription. The length of such a period depends on the terms agreed on with the registrar. It usually is a minimum of 1-2 years and is subject to renewal.

Organizations involved in the domain business

 Domain business is a diverse industry that can be complex for a new user. If you are looking for a domain, it is imperative to understand which companies are accredited and authorized to deal with internet domains. Before choosing a registrar, it is best to conduct thorough research and identify possible advantages and disadvantages. 

At the top of the list of authorized companies stands the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is a global body with a mandate to allot:

- IP address space, 

- Top Level Domain System execution, 

- Protocol Identifier Management, 

- Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD)

- Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD). 

Some mistakenly take ICANN for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). IANA was at first an organization that had been contracted by the US government to play out the obligations done by ICANN today. However, this collaboration finished, and currently, ICANN has taken over from IANA. 

The main purpose of ICANN is to efficiently uphold the operational stability of the internet environment by promoting proficient competition and internet policy development. Within the ICANN, there are other organizations that have specific roles and functions:

- The Generic Name Supporting Organization (GNSO) is responsible for the development of policies that are only related to generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD).

- The Country Code Names Supporting Organization (CCNSO) concentrates on policies for Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD)

- the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) is committed to policy formulation of IP addresses. 

 (ICANN) performs the roles of regulating domain for Top-level Domains such as .com, .net, and .org as well as supervising authority. As an advisory registry center, due to the increase in the duties involved, ICANN has contracted many other organizations to carry out some of the duties, these organizations are known as internet domain registrars. 

 Sailing Byte is one such registrar. Our distinctive features of terms of service and what we include as part of the client after-sale service make us stand out among the competitors.

Do you have a domain name in mind? Set it up with Sailing Byte!

 The understanding of how internet domains work and operate involves more than just a few clicks on your keyboard. The levels of registrars that comprise several companies with their terms of business, the authorities, rules, and regulations may seem complicated. The process of registering and choosing a registry might even seem a little intimidating.

 At Sailing Byte we are eager to help you with any issues you can have with your domains – from registration through maintenance and monitoring, to renewals and protection. We also believe that you are allowed to choose your own domain extension. That is why we offer over 900 extensions you can choose from. If you choose us as your registrar, you can enjoy a hassle-free registration and start using your domain name in no time. Furthermore, close to your subscription expiry date, we will remind you about the renewal. You will never have to worry again about losing your domain name. So, if you wonder which domain registrar to choose contact us through the form below to register your domain name with Sailing Byte.




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