Animala is an application with an independent search engine for commercial dog food. It helps dog owners choose the best food tailored to their pet.


The project involved building a search engine for commercial dog food available on the market, enabling dog owners to choose the appropriate food based on selected search criteria. The system also provides access to reliable information and knowledge to assist in making informed decisions regarding dog nutrition.


  • Advanced search engine with multiple criteria
  • Access to a reliable knowledge base created by professionals
  • Easy comparison of pet foods

Top Challenges

Production Environment

Choosing the appropriate production environment was a key element to meet all system requirements, such as reliability, compatibility with the Strapi CMS system, and support for CI/CD. Pre-decision market research allowed the selection of the optimal option that met our needs.

Template Optimization

The pre-existing template did not meet expectations and did not align with the system's requirements. Proper analysis allowed for optimizing the utilization of the template and streamlining workload efforts.

About Animala

Animala is a company, whose activities center around helping dog owners choose the perfect food for their pets. Because every dog has different nutrition needs, choosing appropriate food is the problem Animala solves effortlessly.

The company not only analyses different types of food available on the market but also ranks them and helps to get to know the brands responsible for the production processes. Based on your criteria, you can also search for the perfect food using the ‘Food Finder’ tool.

Animala does not only educate dog owners about the food, its ingredients and how to choose it but is also a comprehensive knowledge portal. Its ‘Knowledge Base’ section provides basic information about different dog breeds and their characteristic features. You can also learn about various aspects of having a pet from blog posts.

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