Axim Creative

Axim Creative is a Connecticut-based marketing company in the USA that specializes in delivering exceptional UI and UX solutions. We collaborate with them on numerous projects, where Axim Creative focuses on the marketing aspects, while Sailing Byte handles the coding side of their projects.

We were impressed with their motivation to fix technical errors.

Client Review


In collaboration with Axim Creative, we've tackled several major projects. We've constructed a secure loan management system for government-backed loans and developed a data system to manage fuel data across Connecticut, aiding contractors in profitability calculations. Our joint ventures also include crafting an advanced webpage for a leading Medical OEMs provider and delivering numerous web projects for a populous Connecticut city. This partnership has notably honed our skills in providing top-tier web solutions.


  • Loan system taken online increasing team productivity by 400%
  • Increase in job applications by 4 times
  • More than 100 website projects done together

About Axim Creative

Axim is an expert company that crafts and executes innovative marketing strategies. They prepare them in captivating and engaging ways, which drives results for their clients. Thanks to the unique approach they can create long-lasting relations between businesses and their customers stressing brand value, and boosting growth potential in the market.

Axim cooperates with organizations within many areas of business, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Sports
  • Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Home & Garden

The comprehensive services Axim offers its clients include but are not limited to content creation, media analytics and planning, optimization and positioning, branding, web design, video production, and product photography.

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