CargoSeller is an application designed to support the work of a freight forwarder and automate the processes of manual cargo sales, resulting in increased effectiveness in sales.

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The system allows users to input cargoes for sale, send them to up to 3 transport exchanges, and to defined carrier groups. It then aggregates price proposals from all sales channels in one place, enabling quick decision-making while considering the best terms of the offer.


  • Automation manual cargo sales processes
  • All price offers collected in the system
  • Ability to define a 'blacklist' of carriers

Top Challenges

Integration with transport exchanges

Our sytem is integrated with the three largest transport exchanges. We were the first in the market to undergo a qualification process to obtain approval for integration for our clients.

Automated collection of price proposals

Thanks to the ability to define mailing groups, integration with exchanges, and the mailing system, our application automatically gathers price proposals from all channels, allowing for convenient comparison in one place and facilitating the selection of the best offer.

Comprehensive sales statistics

Automation of cargo sales processes has enabled the collection of all relevant statistics in the dashboard. This allows for the quick and easy implementation of sales optimization processes.

About CARGOseller

CARGOseller helps all transport companies in activities connected with spot freight management. It offers a systems integrator for the sale of spot cargo. Thanks to the extensive options of the integrator, the companies can add their cargo and activate various channels to sell them quickly.

The users can use a mailing list to send notifications about new cargo to the group of trusted contractors. Next, they can browse through the offers to search for the best price and quality. Moreover, if within 35 minutes the cargo does not get the offers, it will be automatically deleted and relisted to boost its visibility. The inbuilt algorithm also offers an automatic search for free vehicles and lists them in the ‘Proposal’ tab.

Apart from the above, CARGOseller offers other useful features, such as:

  • mailing system allows users to collect price proposals, analogously it happens the same way after load is published in freight exchanges
  • access to statistics for the forwarder and manager
  • the view of all spot loads for sale within the organization

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