Klinika Dla Kobiet

Klinika Dla Kobiet is a medical startup that offers an innovative online health consultation system and enables doctors to issue online prescriptions. They provide a fast, 100% online response and process.

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Client Review


This project involved the implementation of a government-provided API, allowing our client to securely prescribe medications online for their patients. The system enables women to register and, after verification, request contraceptive drugs. We are among the select companies deemed eligible to carry out such implementations. Additionally, we developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.


  • System capable of handling 1000+ online prescriptions per day
  • Consultation-result wait time dropped below 5 minutes
  • Two level encryption

Top Challenges

P1 Integration

P1, also known as system e-zdrowie, is a Polish implementation of the global healthcare system HL7. At the time of our work, P1 integration was uncommon in Poland, with only a handful of companies having successfully integrated with the platform.

System Security

Due to the handling of sensitive medical data, our top priority was to design a secure system equipped with encryption. The security of the system was additionally confirmed by comprehensive tests conducted by an external Polish TOP 1 security team.

Additional Integrations

In addition to integrating with the P1 system, we incorporated various other modules, such as an external ticketing system and a payment system. Modular approach allowed us to write a system fully extendable and adjustable.

About Klinika Dla Kobiet

At Klinika Dla Kobiet, a qualified medical specialist offers a convenient e-prescription service for all women who need medication but cannot leave home. After a quick online medical consultation, you can receive a prescription even within a few minutes without time-consuming registration at the clinic and waiting in long queues. You can then easily fill the received prescription at any pharmacy.

Women can book online appointments and receive an e-prescription when they are:

  • looking for the right contraceptive method
  • planning to renew their current prescription for contraceptive pills
  • in urgent need of emergency contraception
  • looking for a way to delay menstruation using hormonal drugs
  • looking for the best methods of hormone replacement therapy

A qualified medical specialist with 10 years of experience in telemedicine guarantees the security and privacy of all transactions. The minimum waiting time for your prescription is five minutes. In most cases, it should arrive by 8 pm. Guaranteed service time is one day.

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