New Food Finance

New Food Finance aims to provide the best business, technology and finance data and intellingence for an environmental transition in food and agriculture. The company gathers primary data, not present anywhere else, for example regarding technologies, funding-raisings and M&A, and presents this using dynamic charts, with Highcharts.

Sailing Byte were very responsive to requests for edits and fine-tuning of their work.

Client Review


We have built whole backend using Orchid framework based on Laravel, which provided us with fast deployment and ability to easily scale. Project imported thousands of companies, their financial data, funding rounds, acquisitions and more. Additionally we have developed API desiged for data inputters with admin verification and approval ability.


  • Database of 25k+ Companies and Aquisitions
  • Combine Savable Search Reports

Top Challenges


Adjusting Orchid framework to be able to deliver multiple joint models with ability to display it in short time

Review System

Deploy ability to safely review multiple-relation data by administrator in isolated environment before accepting data into main database

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