ProfitBoard is a startup that offers an application for advanced sales and profitability analysis for Allegro sellers – a Polish e-commerce platform.


The project involved integration with the Allegro API and Allegro ADS, which enabled users to conduct comprehensive sales and business profitability analyses. Thanks to this system, users have access to advanced analytical tools, allowing them to optimize operations, effectively manage resources, and forecast market trends, which in turn can contribute to improving business efficiency.


  • Innovative system for advanced business analysis.
  • System allowing connection of multiple Allegro accounts.
  • Efficient system for sales analysis

Top Challenges

Allegro API Integration

The integration with Allegro API was a key aspect of the application in order to meet the system's objectives. It required the use of various queries and responses, which formed the core functionality of the application. Due to changing needs and limitations of Allegro API, this required a dynamic approach and the implementation of numerous changes.

System Performance

We optimized the code for data retrieval and improved data display on the front-end. Thanks to these actions, the system can efficiently process large quantities of products and sales information.

Allegro ADS

Integration with Allegro Ads posed a challenge for several reasons. The first was the difficult task of scraping data. Additionally, the inability to test the code further complicated the process. Thanks to the use of a multithreaded approach, we were able to create a module enabling advanced analysis of Allegro ADS campaigns.

About ProfitBoard

The application was created with the aim of providing users the ability to conduct advanced sales and profitability analyses on the Allegro platform. Users have access to extensive data regarding their products and sales on Allegro. The ability to connect multiple Allegro accounts to one application opens new perspectives for analysis.

The application includes various panels with data for analysis:

  • Tile Panel, presenting aggregated sales and advertising data.
  • Charts Panel, where sales data, commission data, and returns are presented in the form of charts with three parameters: units sold, advertising costs, and net profit.
  • P&L (Profit and Loss) Panel, allowing for detailed profitability analysis of products with a breakdown by various parameters and different time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Trends Panel, used for analyzing trends relative to specific indicators, e.g., number of units sold, returns, product costs, etc.

The system provides the ability to optimize sales offers and gain a competitive advantage, which is crucial for an effective seller.

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