TenantTracks is a Real Estate online software, which allows Landlords to do online screening of their potential tenants. They do provide almost immediate reports that gather data from multiple sources and fully online process.

They have completed all their tasks in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.

Client Review


We are working on this project from the very beginning of our company. We are still integrating new things that improve secure Tenant screening for Landlords and help business constantly grow. By rewriting system base we were able to increase system capacity by hundreds of times and greatly reduce report generation time.


  • Average report generation time reduced 8  times
  • Increase number of reports by 216 times (from 6/month to 1300/month)
  • Over 1000 paying users per month

About TenantTracks

TenantTracks provides its customers with tenant screening services and reports that help make sound leasing decisions based on the best available information. When choosing a landlord/tenant screening company, the most important factor is the quality and coverage of the data they provide. TenantTracks’s key to success is providing the most accurate and comprehensive data in the tenant background and credit check industry. The company can search within data coming from 15 Connecticut Courthouses and use superior logic to other companies. Therefore, finding a business that matches their accuracy is a difficult task.

Screening tenants has always been essential, however only recently it has become accessible. TenantTracks makes it also affordable by offering various plans customers can choose from depending on their needs.

Offered reports include potential tenant personal data from major records such as:

  • Credit and Background Check
  • Credit Report
  • Tenant Screening Background Check
  • Criminal Records
  • Eviction Check
  • Eviction Report
  • Top Tenant Screening Services
  • Terrorist Report
  • Background Check for Renters
  • Sex Offender Database
  • Credit and Background Check Services
  • Address History

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