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TenantTracks is a Real Estate online software, which allows Landlords to do online screening of their potential tenants. They do provide almost immediate reports that gather data from multiple sources and fully online process.


We are working on this project from the very beginning of our company. We are still integrating new things that improve secure Tenant screening for Landlords and help business constantly grow. By rewriting system base we were able to increase system capacity by hundreds of times and greatly reduce report generation time.


  • Average report generation time reduced 8  times
  • Increase number of reports by 216 times (from 6/month to 1300/month)
  • Over 1000 paying users per month

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GeekLaw is an Italy-based startup project that focuses on automating legal document creation. It connects users, who provide basic details, with lawyers who review the data and generate final documents using a semi-automated system.


Thinkup is a think-tank which works on multiple projects: both regular ones and research-ones. They do provide advanced technical solutions for complex ideas using newest technologies available.


AutoLook is a startup based in Poland that enables users to search multiple advertisements portals for their ideal car. Its goal is to enhance the user experience while searching for a car and minimize the time spent, while also providing the ability to be notified first when a specific car becomes available on the market.

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