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Thinkup is a think-tank which works on multiple projects: both regular ones and research-ones. They do provide advanced technical solutions for complex ideas using newest technologies available.


Our cooperation with Thinkup contained a lot of different elements including Blockchain research and providing SLA for worldwischool website for online teaching - traffic is thousands daily visits. As one of many results we were able to work on different blockchains and work on different validators and oracles.


  • Architecture serving more than 60’000 visits per month
  • Enhanced redundancy: 5 independent backup systems
  • 20 running nodes, oracles and validators on different blockchains

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TenantTracks is a Real Estate online software, which allows Landlords to do online screening of their potential tenants. They do provide almost immediate reports that gather data from multiple sources and fully online process.


Auto.Social is a UK-based startup which provides automated tool for car sellers for posting their offers on social media using tailored templates. They do provide innovative automated methods gathering of car data, using AI to adjust images and schedule posts on multiple social media.


iDropHR is a UK-based startup which aims to provide best HR system available on the market. They do provide advanced systems for personnel management, payrolls, knowledge base and online bot.

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