WISSP is a system designed to assist in ensuring and maintaining stable housing conditions for high-risk tenants throughout the state of Connecticut and beyond.

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The WISSP (Widely-Integrated Social Services) project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving housing conditions in Connecticut. It encompasses three key components: Marketplace (a platform facilitating easy access to affordable housing), Education (an educational program promoting financial management skills and housing market knowledge), and Case Management (software supporting communication between social workers, tenants, and landlords).


  • A system aiding in reducing homelessness.
  • Designing a user-friendly system facilitating communication between case managers, landlords, and tenants.

Top Challenges

Google Maps Integration

The integration involved tasks such as geocoding, reverse geocoding, and street view. Through a comprehensive approach to integration, we ensured the accuracy and consistency of geographical data.

TenantTracks Integration

Integrating with the TenantTracks API provided access to sensitive tenant information, such as creditworthiness and criminal history. Adapting the current workflow to allow for the creation of a shareable application remotely while maintaining the highest level of security posed a challenge.


At WISSP tenants have access to a database of affordable rental properties through a user-friendly search engine. All information regarding a particular property is easily accessible, and tenants can also send automated messages to landlords expressing interest in viewing a property.

Landlords can intuitively add available properties and manage them efficiently. They also have the option to quickly report issues with tenants to the assigned social worker, who acts as a mediator and assists in resolving problems.

Case managers have access to profiles of their clients, containing all information about the tenant, employment status, rental history, criminal background, and credit report. The project features a built-in automated social services management system that facilitates communication between tenants, landlords, and case managers.

This relationship extends beyond the housing search process, aiding not only in finding suitable accommodation but also in its maintenance. The automated system simplifies communication between all those involved in the process.

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TenantTracks is a Real Estate online software, which allows Landlords to do online screening of their potential tenants. They do provide almost immediate reports that gather data from multiple sources and fully online process.


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