Sailing Byte Tops The App Management and Support Industry


Apps are the most ubiquitous tools of the modern world. No company can stay relevant or competitive without one, whether it’s for internal use or customer-facing purposes. But apps don’t simply exist, they need maintenance like everything else, especially when it’s audience starts growing.

This means companies need to dedicate people towards the app and ensure it keeps doing what it’s meant to do. Not to mention the fact that most companies plan to add features to their apps to entice more people to use it.

There always comes a point when the needs of the app become so great that it will require an entire team to take care of it. Dedicating all those resources is something most businesses either didn’t plan for or don’t want to deal with in-house. This is the summarized origin of the app management and support industry.

Similar to how BPOs work, these are teams that will provide the management and support these apps need to continue growing. It’s a field that’s grown out of necessity and we’re happy to report that Sailing Byte is the best in the business.

According to the lastest rankings on Clutch, a B2B review platform that maintains a directory of top companies across the globe, our team is at the top of the industry. This is a significant and most welcome development for our team. We knew we had the skills and expertise to reach our true potential, having it validated this way is the best possible confirmation.

This isn’t the end of our journey either. There are several levels we still want to reach as a team and we’re truly excited for what the future holds. Our team will continue to provide the best possible experience for our clients, and keep rising through the ranks.

We are aiming to grow with our client's businesses, helping them during the process, and help on every stage: from design, MVP, to launch, gathering clients, and improvements on live system. Our speciality are integrations and data processing with headless web-based applications, that are mobile-ready.

Learn more about our team, the services we offer, and how we can apply those to further improve your business’ operations by visiting our website. Get in touch with us and when can begin working on your next groundbreaking project together. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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