Adrian Zakrzewski - Web Toucan

    We've been working together for a long time and they're always providing great service. Their server maintenance is best I've ever had. Always available, always fast responses - everything you could expect from professional IT company is here. They do not only create best custom solutions available - they make new solutions that are not yet on IT market anywhere.

    About project

    Our child project made in collaboration with genius graphic designer - Adrian Zakrzewski. By using his unique talent Adrian provides best layouts you've ever seen, that we - Sailing Byte - can code.

    Joanna Rostankowska

    Cooperation with Sailingbyte is a pure pleasure. They are a good and young team. They always have a head full of interesting ideas. The implementation of the project runs very smoothly. You can always count on their quick response and interesting advice that significantly improve the project. As a client, I trust them - I know that if I entrust them some task, they will be made with the utmost care. They are professionals in their field.

    Colin Cobb - Presenter Promotions

    Excellent work! They have the confidence and advice needed when you are in a jam and need a clear path to get the job done. Not only do they know what they're doing, they give constructive ideas too. They picked up the pieces of a broken site and made it work.

    About project

    Presenter Promotions is UK based company. With CEO Colin Cobb it's aiming to provide best possible platform for making connections between presenters looking for job and media producers. With great partners such, as BBC, MTV and Disney Channel they are looking for best suited professionals.

    Bob De Cosmo - TenantTracks

    Having worked with Lukasz and his development team on our TenantTracks software, it's been nothing but a pleasure to have his programming expertise guide us through each project that we have embarked upon. The quality of their work is excellent and they always suggest ways to better improve the efficiency of the work flow. What a fantastic team they are.

    About project

    TenantTracks is USA based company, which provides advanced tools for landlords looking for safe Tenants. They help protect Landlords from criminals, sex offenders and Interpol criminals. With advanced data delivery and filter it was possible not only to match criminals to their records, but also detect possible identity frauds, making this tool especially well suited

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    If you are a creative agency or you are managing multiple websites on a high level, you want to automatically send invoices to your clients, see analytics, check all systems with one click, update multiple websites without going through all systems, manage multiple domains easily - you've come to the right place.

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