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Professional coding, with quality you deserve!

If you need professional PHP coding, you have come to the right place. We can change your thought into a project and finally into a living code. From A to Z – a service you want!

PHP coding by Sailing Byte is an equivalent of quality – a thing, that makes it simple for you to choose among others. Modular, yet tested; complex, yet comprehensive; under the facade of a unique design. We can create a service, that is stable and always available for your Clients.

  • Let’s work on Joomla or Laravel
  • Get your website responsive
  • Get your project tested
  • Optimize for speed and security
  • Add protection from attacks

But how much does it cost? Less, than you would expect. We discuss each project separately and assess the amount of work, that is needed on our side. We will discuss project with you, calculate complexity, prepare structure and provide you with tailored offer. If you would like to hire us per hour, our pricing is: 25 Euro, or 29 USD, or 22 GBP per started hour - but it might be better to discuss the scope and project itself before starting any calculations.

Please note, that there's also overtime and emergency coding. In case of overtime or emergency coding, we are charging double the standard pricing.

If you would like to know more details, contact us – we will discuss your needs and find a proper solution – suited for your business!

How does coding from scratch look like?

Our coding service allows you to obtain more in less time. By using our connected service, we can achieve a unique, complimentary service, that is fully comprehensive and understandable by definition.

In the first stage, we recognize your needs. That is very important because sometimes you might think that you need programming, while you don't really need it. Our competition would just say - hey, if you want to go that way, we'll get you there - but we will ask you - WHY you want to get there this way? Maybe there are easier ways you would like to consider?

They say that journey is more important than aim. It might be, if your journey is well planned and chosen well - otherwise it is just a waste of your precious time.

The second stage allows us to give order to chaos. After we know your exact needs, we are able to create a proper plan for your approval. Such a plan is also a confirmation, that we understood your intentions correctly. It is very important because all of the following work will be based on this plan.

In the third stage, the desired functionality is created. It is a very thoughtful process when we analyze requirements step-by-step and put them to life. Thus all our work is based on descriptions done in the second step - starting from tests (because we LOVE test-driven development) and finishing with automatic test passed.

In the fourth stage, we are reviewing our work manually. It is not uncommon to forget or omit some things, that automatically make sense, but from a human perspective are quite useless or nonsense - that's why usability proof testing is an absolute need. It also allows us to catch any inconsistencies with the target document or to make amendments if any functions at this point do not make sense. At this stage, we definitely need some of your confirmations or new ideas approvals.

And the fourth stage is pushing to live. After everything is tested, working and approved, we are able to push it to live and give you the exact service you desired.

Does it end here? Definitely not - unless you want to. But if your service is designed to grow, we do recommend to read more below.