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Professional coding, with the quality you deserve!

If you need professional PHP coding, you have come to the right place. We can transform your idea into a project and finally – into a living code. From start to finish – a service you want!

PHP coding by Sailing Byte is an equivalent of quality – a trait that makes it an easy choice among others. Modular, yet tested; complex, yet comprehensive; under the facade of a unique design, we can create a service, that is stable and always available for your Clients.







How will you benefit?

Agile approach for flexible project handling

We are aiming to launch MVP as soon as possible

We can take care of your project even after launch

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  • Recognize your needs

    This is crucial; sometimes you might think that you need programming, while it’s not really the case. Our competitors would just say, “Hey, if you want to go about it this way, we'll get you there,” but we will ask you, “WHY do you want to get there this way? Maybe there are simpler solutions you would like to consider?” They say that the journey is more important than the destination. It might be, if your journey is planned and chosen well – otherwise it is just a waste of your precious time.


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  • Bring order to chaos

    Once we know your exact needs, we will be able to create a proper plan for your approval. Such a plan is also a confirmation that we understood your intentions correctly. This step is essential, because all of the work to follow will be based on this plan.

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  • Create functionality

    It is a very thoughtful process, during which we analyze the project requirements step-by-step and bring them to life. All of our work is based on the descriptions provided in the second step – starting from tests (because we LOVE test-driven development) and ending with automatic tests passed.


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  • Manually reviewing our work

    It is not uncommon for programmers to omit some things that they might consider unnecessary or to implement certain functions instinctively which, from an end-user perspective, are quite useless or nonsensical – which is why usability proof testing is an absolute necessity. The manual review also allows us to catch any inconsistencies with the target document or to make amendments if any functions do not make sense at this point. At this stage, we definitely need some of your confirmations or approvals of new ideas. The fourth stage is pushing it to live. After everything is tested, working, and approved, we are able to push it to live and give you the exact service you desired. In the Agile approach, we repeat all 4 steps on each iteration, so you have full control over what is going on with your project. Does it end here? Definitely not – there's always more space to improve. And we are prepared for that, so you can always ask us for SLA packages to take care of your project at every moment.

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  • Auto.Social

    We provide auto.social with software that is automating posting of Facebook & Instagram posts.

  • Axim Design

    Axim Design is our partner web design & marketing agency from the USA. We provide dozens of their clients with web development & custom software solutions.

  • Klinika Dla Kobiet

    We provide Klinika Dla Kobiet (Clinic For Women) with web development and custom software solutions that offer the best health e-service experience to hundreds of women.

  • TenantTracks

    We provide Tenant Tracks with software solutions that automate complex reporting & screening of tenants for thousands of property owners.

  • iDropHR

    We provide iDropHR with software that is a full company management solution. It covers all the functionalities of a good ERP system: - access management: - document management; - in-department settings: - per-company settings; - ticketing system connected with a semi-automatic bot ; - knowledge base; - salary management system; - etc.


Axim Design

Klinika Dla Kobiet



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25 to 75 USD 20 to 55 GBP 100 to 275 PLN

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