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Professional coding, with quality you deserve!

If you need professional PHP coding, you have come to the right place.  We can change your thought into a project and finally into a living code. From A to Z – a service you want!

PHP coding by Sailing Byte is equivalent of quality – a thing, that makes it simple for you to choose among others. Modular, yet tested – complex, yet comprehensive, under the facade of unique design. We can create service, that is stable and always available for your Clients.

You may wonder, what you will gain from working with us? Well, we know our codes – but you might want to check our work samples, or see what our clients think about us. Anything you can imagine can be implemented!

  • Let’s work on Joomla or Laravel
  • Get your website responsive
  • Test driven development
  • Optimize for speed and security
  • Add protection from attacks

But how much does it cost? Well – less, than you would expect. We discuss each project separately and assess amount of work, that is needed on our side. We calculate complexity and prepare structure, when needed. You might want to hire us per hour: then it’s 30 Euro per each started hour. But it might be better to discuss scope and project itself in the beginning.

If you would like to know more details, contact us – we will discuss your clients needs, your needs and find a proper solution – suited for your business!

Coding Packages

If you would like to work with us longer, on monthly basis, we have prepared for you coding packages. You can read about how coding packages work, and calculate if you would like to work with us on regular monthly basis.

Number of months: 6

Contracted hours monthly: 40

Rolling hours: 20 discount per hour: 2%*

*Please note, that values presented here are based on general assumptions and can be diffirent for clients with individual contracts

If you would like to make contract for more work, contact us directly so we can find a proper solution for you! Please note, that each contact is discussed individually.

You might wonder how does rolling hours work - well, it's simple. If you won't use 100% of your hours during January, you will receive a bonus during February - half of January's unused hours! Those hours won't be available during March, but February is yours!

Care Offer

All of the offers above are for standard coding during PL business hours. But we understand you might need more - emergency, quickfixes and similar services. That's why we are providing extra services, that work outside regular working hours. For small extra fee you can receive more care for your website in case of any emergency!

Each option is discussed individually with client.

  • Option 1 - 5AM to up to 5PM GMT time. Contracted fixtime: 3 hours. Answer in 4 hours to critical errors.
  • Option 2 - 5AM to 6PM GMT time. Contracted fixtime: 5 hours. Answer in 3 hours to critical errors.
  • Option 3 - 5AM to 7PM GMT time. Contracted fixtime: 10 hours. Answer in 2 hours to critical errors.
  • Option 4 - 5AM to 8PM GMT time. Contracted fixtime: 15 hours. Answer in 1 hour to critical errors.

Is there anything more?

You should always remember, that coding website is only a first step! Did anyone ever told you, that website should be constantly maintained? If you want to know more, contact us with form below.

  • Scan your website for malware
  • Remove malware from your website
  • Implement small fixes on your website
  • Code Joomla plugins
  • Analyze your website for speed and security
  • And much more!

*all prices are net prices and do not contain tax respective for your country. Prices may change daily based on currency rates.

Contact us below for more details!