Sailing Keys Pricing/

Packets for your needs

Find a packet, that describes best your need!


For you to use – completely free! Up to 20 passwords and up to 20 groups


Up to 5 users. 500 passwords. 500 groups. 160 USD yearly or 15 USD monthly


Up to 10 users. 2000 passwords. 2000 groups. 240 USD yearly or 27 USD monthly


Up to 25 users. 5000 passwords. 5000 groups. 640 USD yearly or 60 USD monthly


Up to 50 users. 1100 USD yearly or 99 USD monthly

Enterprise or other

If you are not satisfied with presented packages – send us a message! We will ask you details about your needs and prepare offer for you.

(VAT not included)

*all prices are net prices and do not contain tax respective for your country. Prices may change daily based on currency rates.

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