Our panel provides easy pricing models - you only pay for what you use.

  • SSL certificate installation - depending on SSL certificate
  • Uptime Monitor - comes with free version (10 websites, 15 minutes interval, 1 month retention) and paid (pay-per-website, 1 minute interval, 12 months of rentention) - starting as low as 50c per website with auto website uptime generation!
  • Reponsive eblasts - starting as low ase $150 per campaing! (design and coding included)
  • Domains - ever thought that domains could be cheaper? Yes, they can! The more domains you buy, the better discount you get. Starting as low as $1 per domain!
  • Backups - starting as low as 50c per GB per month!
  • Hosting - starting as low as 50c per GB per month!
  • Penetration Scans - automatic scans for your website with report directly to your email!
  • Integrity Tests - automatic integrity checks. Check multiple items with one click: 404's, dangerous files, website speed and much more!
  • Analytics - Integrated analytics tools in our CMS!

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*all prices are net prices and do not contain tax respective for your country. Prices may change daily based on currency rates.

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