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We can create a website for you on Joomla CMS or on our own Sailing CMS, and take care of all aspects of it!

By designing a strong core we managed to achieve security and stability. And by modularity, we achieved flexibility allowing us to fit a website for every client.

What are our out of the box advantages?

  • Not technical? Switch between advanced and simple modes.
  • Playing around? Use auto-fill options!
  • It's better to edit a website via front? There you go!
  • Slow? Optimize for speed in one click!
  • Like numbers? Use multiple analytics tools!
  • Want to feel secure? We are running regular scans!
  • Worried your website can go down? Order SLA!
  • And much, much more!

See our pricing model for different kind of websites

But we have much more to offer! You might be interested in buying domains or team password manager with Firefox and Chrome plugins?

If you don't feel comfortable using Joomla admin panel - we have GREAT news for you! Go ahead and use our CMS, which has a simple mode or ask us about the possibility of adjusting admin panel for you.