First Data

our task: integrate payment gateway into website, as library. System description: gateway allowing for credit card payments and recurring subscriptions. Result: PHP library and Joomla plugin for First Data payments.

NRDS database synchronization

our task: synchronize NRDS users with website users. System description: National Realtor® Database System holds information about licensed Realtors. Result: Joomla plugin with two-way sycnrhonization allowing end users to edit their data on both sides without conflicts.


our task: integrate PayPal payment system into website based on Joomla (using Hikashop or Virtuemart) or any other website written in PHP. System description: PayPal allows to make payments in any currency all over the world using either PayPal account, or credit/debit card. Result: PHP library allowing both one-time and recurring payments; integration with Joomla shops or native PHP applications.


our task: parse sensitive data delivered by MicroBilt and deliver them in human readable form. System description: MicroBilt provides businesses with powerful alternative credit data and risk management solutions to help them grow their business. Result: advanced PHP library for parsing MicroBilt XML data. Library allows to filter XML and remove duplicate and invalid entries. At the end of parsing process data is shown as comprehensive report.

TransUnion Credit Report

our task: integrate TransUnion allowing users to run directly TransUnion reports via website. System description: TransUnion gathers people credit data and scores them based on their credit history. Result:  PHP library for parsing Credit Score data and showing it to end user in form of report.

TransUnion Smartmove

our task: integrate SmartMove directly to website, allowing landlord-tenant cooperation on credit report. System descripiton: TransUnions' tool for easy tenants screening. Result: direct API connection PHP library with TransUnion, with added tweaks and mixes from other data sources. Result data is parsed and shown in form of report.

our task: integarte payment system with website. System descripiton: is leading credit card transactions gateway. Result: PHP library with ability to make both one-time payments and recurring payments. Possible integrations with native PHP and Joomla.


our task: parse MA criminal data provided by CoreLogic. System description: propery and tenant data processor. Result: PHP library for parsing criminal and eviction data. Result is parsed and shown in form of report.

Family Watchdog

our task: parse MA criminal data provided by CoreLogic. System our task: check if tenant is known sex offender. System descripiton:  Family Watchdog is a service to help locate registered sex offenders. Result: integration with API, search based on name and date of birth. As a result, there's shown report with person's data and photo.


our task: find possible alias names and public data which belongs to given person. System description: Pipl is the place to find the person
behind the email address, social username or phone number. Result: PHP library allowing to retreive known users data, provided in comprehensive form of report or Excel file.


our task: allow 2 factor authentication, create personal sites available after proving one-time security code. System description: Twilio is a bridge, which allows sending text messages directly from PHP level, and more. Result: PHP library allowing to send message to given cell phone number, allowing 2 factor authentication and guarded page access.


our task: without using own SMTP server, deliver hundreds of email messages per day. System description: managed email delivery for high volume senders. Result: PHP library allowing to easy email mass mail sending.

CT Judical Branch

our task: parse CT Judical data provided in TXT format. System description: court data delivered in TXT format, which had to be parsed to modern format. Result: PHP library for parsing civil data provided by State of Connecticut Judical Branch, which exports it to MySQL database.


our task: ability to generate InPost labels directly from website. System description: InPost is an alternative letter delivery company. Result: PHP library with direct integration into shop.


our task: integrate MISMO standard into native PHP project. System descripiton: Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization developed a common data language for exchanging information for the residential finance industry. Result: PHP library for parsing MISMO XML data structure in given scope.


our task: create QuickBooks payment gateway. System description: Accounting Software to manage small business accounting, get invoices paid on time and accept payments. Result: Joomla component for sending invoices and processing payments.

Premier Payments Systems / Tidal

our task: integarte payment system with website. System descripiton: full service credit and debit card processor committed to delivering the latest in payment technology. Result: PHP library with ability to make both one-time payments and recurring payments, also with safe Credit Card Valut functionality.


our task: show classes and allow to class subscriptions via website. System description: MindBody delivers gym management tools. Result: PHP library for parsing classes and instructors data.


our task: allow administrator to crete one time GUID like codes for registrations. Result: Joomla component for generating one-time GUID-like codes for restricted registration


our task: integarte payment system with website. System descripiton: easy payment processor for any business size. Result: PHP library for processing on-website payments.


our task: allow on-website support request and reviewing roadmap. System description: popular free web-based bug tracking system. Result: PHP library for two-way tasks synchronization. Endpoint for bugtrack requests. Endpoint for viewing active tasks. Endpoint for parsing Roadmap.


our task: allow for two way task sychronization with native PHP application. System description: the easiest way for teams to
track their work and get results. Result: PHP library for two-way tasks synchrnozation, with comments and attachments support.


our task: allow to download any type of credit report provided by Avantus. System description: Avantus provides customized mortgage credit reports, mortgage-related services and technology solutions to the nation's financial community. Result: PHP library for downloading credit report data.

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