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Sailing Byte helps clients not only by simply "coding" but also by constant development of their products. We are not afraid of telling our customers exactly where we see weak points of their reasoning. What we are able to do is to propose (and code) optimal solutions to develop great products.

Project Consulting


Consult if your project makes sense and how to measure it

Plan development tempo and required team skillset

Consider technologies at different stages

Our Project Consulting Process


Recognize your project

We will discuss your project to better understand it - what would you like to deliver, how would you like to do it and why do you want it to be done. During this step we will better understand your needs and you will better understand your product.


Challenge the idea

We will challenge your idea against our own experience and against what competition is currently providing. Thanks to this, we will be able to identify weak points beforehand and prepare ourselves to properly react to them if or when they appear.


Cover technology

Depending on the challenges we can see in your project, we will propose specific technology set to be used to deliver your product. During this step you will gain knowledge what needs to be built from scratch, where we can use existing technologies and how we can make your product come to life.


Deliver the product

Finally, we can start development! During this step we will provide you with agile agreement and we will start working with according to the plan: with chosen technology to achieve precise goals.

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Project Consulting's Case Studies


TenantTracks is a Real Estate online software, which allows Landlords to do online screening of their potential tenants. They do provide almost immediate reports that gather data from multiple sources and fully online process.

Klinika Dla Kobiet

Klinika Dla Kobiet is a medical startup that offers an innovative online health consultation system and enables doctors to issue online prescriptions. They provide a fast, 100% online response and process.

Axim Creative

Axim Creative is a Connecticut-based marketing company in the USA that specializes in delivering exceptional UI and UX solutions. We collaborate with them on numerous projects, where Axim Creative focuses on the marketing aspects, while Sailing Byte handles the coding side of their projects.

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