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During our company existence, we have been using multiple CMS systems. But as we have found out, systems that are developed for common usage have certain limitations. That's why we decided to make our own system, which would be free of those limitations.

Our system allows you to manage multiple websites at once, send automatic reports and much more!

Additionally, we are providing a number of tools to help you with your website and marketing, and all of them are integrated into your system!

  • SSL - SSL certificates allow you to gain credibility. SSL covered websites are also treated better via Google search engine. It is also strongly recommended if your application uses login/password data. There are multiple SSL certificates - we will help you choose one!
  • SLA/Uptime - if you want to be sure, that your website has specific uptime and it is important for you to have it up, we can provide different levels of SLA with monthly reports. Example levels are: 99.9% (this is one minute weekly!), 99.5% (this is 5 minutes weekly!), 99.0% (this is only 11 minutes monthly!)
  • Eblasts - E-blasts - via our management panel you can email your clients directly to iContact or Mailchimp or even without using indirect provider
  • Domains - Domains - managing multiple domains? Have one place to do it - and do it easily! You can buy domains directly via our website or in the Manager Panel.
  • Backups - Backups - it is standard for us to make 3 daily backups, 2 weekly backups, 1 monthly backup and cold storage backup. But if you require more protection - we can also provide it! Contact us for more details.
  • Penetration Scans Penetration Scans to keep your websites secure
  • Automatic Tests - check multiple website items via one click: 404's, integrity, speed and much more - only via one click!
  • Integrated Analytics - Integrated Analytics - integrated analytics tool into CMS system, plus the possibility to connect Google Analytics directly to CMS system.

Contact us to gain access to those tools or check our website tools pricing model.