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At Sailing Byte, we're always on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals to join our family.

While we might not be actively hiring right now, the future is unpredictable and filled with exciting possibilities.

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Joining the awaiting list is more than just waiting for a job — it's about signaling your interest in becoming a part of something bigger. It's a first step towards shaping the future, together with Sailing Byte.

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How It Works?

  1. Submit Your Details - Share your name, contact information, and a brief summary of your skills or resume.
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Easy Recruitment Process at Sailing Byte

  1. Send us your CV and all necessary data in job position above you are applying to. We will respond to you within few days to arrange online meeting.

  2. Google Meet call and take-home test

    1. Introduction part ~30 minutes

      • get to know better each other
      • ask your about your prior experience in software developement and asses your seniority
      • check your English skills
      • ask some technological questions
      • answer any questions that you would like to ask

    2. Take-home test part

      • get to know our developers team (15-30 min)
      • clarify your take-home test if there are any questions
      • provide us with repository after you finish your test - end of the same day or early next day

  3. We will respond in 1-2 weeks to every candidate, give our feedback and potentially propose final offer. Hopefully both parties will find agreement and you will join our team 😄


flexible working hours

fully remote option

additive to sport packages

work in small teams

integration team meetings

LAN parties!

standardized transfer of knowledge

no dress code

Who we are looking for?

We are looking mostly for people who live in 3-city, because integration between people is what is important to us. Our integrations are roughly once a month. But all work is still done remotely.

What are our values?

We want to deliver secure and stable software for our clients - thanks to this we can work on projects which require sensitive data processing and high availability.

We want our clients to be aware that developing software is just a part of running business, that's why we often also act as advisor for additional steps to improve their business - because growth of their business is our growth.

Respect to time is very important to us - it is something that we're observing in all aspects: contact with client, internal meetings and personal time.

Growth of our programmers is important to us, but we are mostly looking for expertise in one area. Additional knowledge in other areas is a bonus. Perfect aim we're looking for are T-Shaped People.

How it is to work in Sailing Byte?

  • we are using Agile approach for software developement (Scrum, Kanban, Scrum-Ban)
  • we are contacting directly with our PL, USA and UK clients (they are external Product Owners)
  • we are small, but growing team of passionate profesionals
  • we focus on Laravel and React projects
  • we are using GitLab for GitFlow with CI/CD and SAST
  • we have our internal knowledge base

For all of this and more, do not hesitate to reach us now!

Want to know who we are before attending a meeting? See who we are!

More info about Sailing Byte

We are a small (but growing 😄) Software House founded in 2017 that specialize in custom software developement (mostly Web & mobile apps) using PHP Laravel, JS & React.js

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