Are you looking for App Developers for your software development project?

You have come to the right place. We specialize in PHP and JS, thanks to which we can create Mobile Applications and Web Applications adjusted to your specifications.

PHP programming

PHP programming

If you need professional app developers who can do PHP programming, search no more. Sailing Byte's specialty is Laravel & React.js coding! We turn your idea into a project and finally into code. We take care of the whole process from start to finish. Just the service you need!

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Do you have a website or a web app and need a high-quality native mobile app? Our experienced app developers can do that for you! Turn your responsive website into beautiful, native-looking iOS and Android apps. They will be ready for submission to the Play and App Store.

Project Consulting

Project Consulting

We help our clients in more aspects than just "coding". Sailing Byte focuses on product development. We are not afraid to point out the weaknesses of a project and propose alternative solutions instead. As a result, we can develop a greater product.

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Our values

Responsibility & Honesty

Responsibility & Honesty

We are responsible for all our actions and decisions. That is why we want to provide honest feedback at all stages of the project. Thanks to that we can eliminate possible issues and guarantee the best choice of action for the development of your product.

Commitment & Focus

Our aim is the development of nothing short of great software solutions. Therefore, we always set specific goals and focus on their achievement. Goals keep us committed and motivated. As a result, we achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.
Commitment & Focus
Respect & Openness

Respect & Openness

Clear and transparent communication is our motto and ongoing respect toward every Client goes a long way. Our business savoir-vivre is what we take great pride in.

Experience & Suitability

Years of experience as app developers have given us the ability to create advanced software solutions. We start with developing an MVP (minimum viable product), so we can catch any inconsistencies at an early stage of a project. Consequently, you get a scalable product that meets your expectations.
Experience & Suitability
Accessibility & Responsiveness

Accessibility & Responsiveness

We want to stay in touch with you and get feedback. It is vital for your product development. Thanks to that, we can eliminate the risks and improve the speed of your project development.

How it works?


Have an idea? Contact us and describe it. Say what your expectations of the final product are. Also, give us your expected budget.


We will prepare and propose the best possible software solution for your idea. We will also explain the how and why. Additionally, you will receive a reviewed budget with an explanation of what is feasible within it.


It is time to start working on your project! Especially prepared plan of action will include a timeframe for the project realization. We will stay in touch and consult you on the important stages of the project.

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  • What does the Software House actually do?

    Software House is a company that specializes in writing software, for example, desktop software programs, mobile applications, or web-based applications available online. Our company specializes in web-based software written in Laravel or Javascript.

  • What do you need to start working with me?

    We will need you to present us with the idea of your project, or your project's code (if you already have it written down).

  • Why you don't have single simple pricing to do a website/software or single hourly rate?

    Depending on the software you need and the pricing model, we will need to assign developers of appropriate seniority in the selected technology. Pricing also depends on the architecture needed. All in all, we need to take a lot of elements into consideration when talking about the pricing of your project.

  • What if my software idea is revolutionary and I want to protect my idea before I tell you what I need?

    Totally understandable. In such situations, we sign NDA (a non-disclosure agreement). This document protects your idea. Essentially, it is an agreement saying that we are responsible for keeping your idea secret until your project is published to the wide public.

  • What agreement types do you offer for programming?

    We offer three kinds of agreements. The first one is a straightforward Agile agreement. We agree on a monthly number of working hours and we provide you with software updates on a regular (often biweekly) basis. It allows for high flexibility and user-driven development. The second agreement is a fixed-price model. With this model, we will need a detailed description of every functionality that will not change during the development process. The third is hybrid, a mixed kind of agreement that takes a bit from both pricing models. This is a more complicated matter and we would love to explain it further in a meeting.

  • What timezone are you working with?

    We are located in the CET time zone (GMT+1), but we also work with clients from the UK (UTC/GMT) and the USA time zones. We are flexible in this matter, but if you need service at specific hours, it's better to consult with us and maybe consider SLA.

  • Do you offer SLA (service level agreement)?

    Yes, we offer various kinds of SLAs. If you need us to monitor your service for issues and fix issues on the go, we can tailor an SLA agreement for you. Pricing for SLA differs based on the scope, response and resolution times, size of the project, and the infrastructure that needs management.

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