Multiple logins are so annoying. Can I have something more secure, faster and easier?


How to save time if you work with multiple logins? 

Roman was managing around 80 websites. He was never sure how many, because some of them were only kept on his hosting and changed by owners, he was doing only some coding, fixing and updates from time to time. Other he managed fully, from the very smallest things to the biggest adjustments. He kept all his login and passwords in an encrypted password file but they changed constantly – he had to update them. And sometimes he needed to create other accounts, so writers and managers have also access to adjust the website. Plus some accounts were shared and when one person changed the password, it had to be sent over to everybody again.
This was leading to chaos. A lot of time was wasted on simple login functions: go to the website, decrypt the file, search for login credentials, copy and paste… This was very inefficient.

Why waste time on this and have insecure authorization methods, keep all your passwords, track them, while there are easier ways to do this? One way of making things easier is to implement SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). This standard can help you to create an authorization service, which checks your permissions and redirects you to the proper place. Thanks to this approach, you can have one login and one password, that grants you rights to everything you should have access to. But it’s a lot of work to do.

Our software house will help you manage multiple logins!

The good news is, you don’t have to do this by yourself. If you have a website on our servers, managed by Sailing Byte, you are always encouraged to use our authorization service. It’s very easy to do – and we are supporting our CMS and Joomla! With our solution you can:

  • Log in once and have access to all your websites
  • Grant and check access of central accounts to your websites
  • One-click login to any website connected to our system
  • Two-factor authentication for security improvement
  • You need to remember only one password
  • Easy control over your domains in one place
  • And many more extra features!

So why wait? Contact us and we will discuss what we can do for you!

Overall, the approach you should choose depends on many factors. Is hack only temporary? Are you switching over to another CMS in a short time (you can read about different CMS advantages and disadvantages here)? Do you want to stay compatible with the plugin or core updates in the long term? Should plugin be maintained for security or maybe used on other websites? Are you willing to trade new functions and security for a fast hack? Answering those questions will allow you to make the right choice.




Łukasz Pawłowski

CEO of Sailing Byte

I am running Sailing Byte - a Software House that focuses on Laravel and React, but doesn't constrain to it; we have also done projects using C#, Unity, Flutter, SwiftUI and other. My role is to organize and deliver software using Agile methods - by providing experience and technical knowledge and proper set of tools to cooperate with our clients.

During our journey I have met all kind of great people, who also took part in our success - both our clients and business partners who are part of our success and who also helped us to elevate Sailing Byte as polish software house, that is providing quality development not only in eastern Europe, but also UK and USA.

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