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  • Auto.Social

    Auto.Social is a UK-based startup which provides automated tool for car sellers for posting their offers on social media using tailored templates. They do provide innovative automated methods gathering of car data, using AI to adjust images and schedule posts on multiple social media.

  • TenantTracks

    TenantTracks is a Real Estate online software, which allows Landlords to do online screening of their potential tenants. They do provide almost immediate reports that gather data from multiple sources and fully online process.

  • Klinika Dla Kobiet

    Klinika Dla Kobiet is a medical startup that offers an innovative online health consultation system and enables doctors to issue online prescriptions. They provide a fast, 100% online response and process.

  • MyRotat

    MyRotat is a revolutionary web and mobile application that simplifies management for seafarers and rotational workers, enhancing efficiency and employee satisfaction.

  • ProfitBoard

    ProfitBoard is a startup that offers an application for advanced sales and profitability analysis for Allegro sellers – a Polish e-commerce platform.


    WISSP is a system designed to assist in ensuring and maintaining stable housing conditions for high-risk tenants throughout the state of Connecticut and beyond.

  • CARGOseller

    CargoSeller is an application designed to support the work of a freight forwarder and automate the processes of manual cargo sales, resulting in increased effectiveness in sales.

  • Animala

    Animala is an application with an independent search engine for commercial dog food. It helps dog owners choose the best food tailored to their pet.

  • New Food Finance

    New Food Finance aims to provide the best business, technology and finance data and intellingence for an environmental transition in food and agriculture. The company gathers primary data, not present anywhere else, for example regarding technologies, funding-raisings and M&A, and presents this using dynamic charts, with Highcharts.

  • Axim Creative

    Axim Creative is a Connecticut-based marketing company in the USA that specializes in delivering exceptional UI and UX solutions. We collaborate with them on numerous projects, where Axim Creative focuses on the marketing aspects, while Sailing Byte handles the coding side of their projects.

  • iDropHR

    iDropHR is a UK-based startup which aims to provide best HR system available on the market. They do provide advanced systems for personnel management, payrolls, knowledge base and online bot.

  • Thinkup

    Thinkup is a think-tank which works on multiple projects: both regular ones and research-ones. They do provide advanced technical solutions for complex ideas using newest technologies available.

  • Presenter Promotions

    Presenter Promotions is a well-established UK-based company, which is connecting TV and Radio presenters across the UK with the most well-known media providers. For a small fee you can create advanced profile and apply for a job in biggest media companies.

  • AutoLook

    AutoLook is a startup based in Poland that enables users to search multiple advertisements portals for their ideal car. Its goal is to enhance the user experience while searching for a car and minimize the time spent, while also providing the ability to be notified first when a specific car becomes available on the market.
  • Alfabet Smaku

    Alfabet Smaku is a Poland-based catering service that employs automated systems for diet ordering and order management by chefs. With the added benefit of nutritional expertise, you can rest assured that you won’t order a diet that isn’t suitable for your needs.

  • Blond Wolf

    Blond Wolf is a UK-based startup led by an experienced accountant. It offers a comprehensive online system for organizing and submitting all your accounting documents for an LLC company directly to an accountant.

  • Geeklaw

    GeekLaw is an Italy-based startup project that focuses on automating legal document creation. It connects users, who provide basic details, with lawyers who review the data and generate final documents using a semi-automated system.

  • Stowarzyszenie Świętego Biskupa Mikołaja

    Stowarzyszenie Świętego Biskupa Mikolaja is a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages. Through regular meetings and activities for children, youth, adults, and seniors, the organization actively engages in its local community and has positively impacted the lives of many individuals.

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