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Understanding the Product Life Cycle: Key Stages Explained

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 13 September 2023

Many people think that product life consists of creation and constant growth in popularity. They imagine it as a constant development that never ends. It is not entirely true.

8 areas of improved cybersecurity - all you need to know about DevSecOps and why it is important

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 30 August 2023

It is official, cybercrime has become the world's third-biggest economy. Keeping up with cybercrimes and implementing appropriate cybersecurity from the start of the software development process is now more important than ever. That is why today’s article answers the question of how to ensure the security of the software using DevSecOps. 

Keeping Your Online Accounts Safe: Tips for Stronger Password Security

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 16 August 2023

Passwords are indispensable part of using computers and mobile devices connected to the internet. We are using them on regular daily basis, almost everywhere: to our emails, bank accounts, cloud storage, account access; in work and at home.

Some passwords are easier to guess than others. What should we do to keep our accounts and data secure? Here are some ideas.

What is Modular Programming? All the pros and cons of the method

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 2 August 2023

Today, we will look at object and functional programming. We will pay special attention to modular programming as an old yet still extremely popular method of programming. Let us show you why and how you can benefit from module programming in your software development.

Understanding the Role of a Product Owner: Unraveling the Essence of Product Ownership

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 18 July 2023

The Product owner role may be associated with the product ownership due to what the name indicates. However, is it truly what this role entails? Or is there more to the Product Owner than some may think?

Custom Enterprise Software: Is It Always the Right Choice?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 5 July 2023

There is an ongoing debate about whether the business should use ready-made or custom enterprise software. Today, I want to prove that entrepreneurs should always choose what is best for their business. In this case, it is the custom software for the enterprise.

Project Manager vs Product Manager vs Product Owner: Understanding Roles in Agile Product Development

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 21 June 2023

Speaking of Agile methodologies, a few roles are differentiated within the Agile team.  Who are Product Owner, Project Managers and Product Managers and what do their jobs involve? Let me answer those questions in today's article.

Scrum vs Agile vs Kanban - Differences You Need to Know

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 6 June 2023

Agile methodologies evolve constantly since the introduction of Agile software development. There are many ways in which Agile teams can work to deliver the best possible product to their clients. Today, I would like to take a closer look at three of the most interesting Agile methodologies, which are Scrum, Agile, and Kanban.

Key Elements to Include in Successful Sprint Review Meetings

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 24 May 2023

In Agile methodology, the work on product development is divided into smaller increments. Why? Because it provides a wide array of benefits. However, to enjoy them all, first one needs to learn how to properly conduct those manageable pieces, so they stay truly manageable!

Introduction To Scrum and Agile Methodologies

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 10 May 2023

Today, I will present the best methodology to ever grace the Earth. It may be a subjective opinion, but you are free to form your own judgment based on the below facts. None of what follows is a lie!

What is API? Quick guide to an Application Programming Interface

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 4 May 2023

Application programming interface often refers to a software intermediary that enables two applications to communicate with each other. In other words, it is the mechanism that allows interaction between two applications by use of a set of rules. API integrations happen when a particular application requires access to data (or rather information) stored by another application.

How to Choose a Good Software Development Company for Your Idea?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 26 April 2023

Are all software development companies the same? Do you simply choose the cheapest one? Or are there perhaps some aspects you should consider while making a choice? What are those? Let's go through the process of choosing the best software development company for your product creation.

Is Hiring a Software Development Company a Good Idea?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 19 April 2023

We wrote many articles about the work of software development companies and hiring them for specific projects. However, company owners who have constant needs for software development may sometimes wonder: can I hire my own team of developers?

Masz Pomysł na Biznes, ale Brak Ci Pieniędzy? Dofinansowania FENG i Wszystko Co Musisz o Nich Wiedzieć

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 12 April 2023

Kiedy zakładamy własny biznes, jedną z podstawowych rzeczy, oprócz pomysłu i planu biznesowego jest finansowanie. Dlatego dziś chciałbym skupić się na niezwykle ważnym aspekcie dla nowopowstających przedsiębiorstw, czyli dofinansowaniach.

Why Does Your Business Need a Professional Website?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 4 April 2023

On our blog, we have already covered many aspects of building professional websites and apps for businesses. However, we have not yet answered the most crucial question: does every business need a professional website?

What Is Coding? The Importance of Code Review in Front-End and Back-End Development

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 29 March 2023

We talk a lot about app and website development as well as the developers. A front-end developer deals with the interface and a back-end developer takes care of the functionality. 

All You Have to Know about Agile Retrospective

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 22 March 2023

Agile is one of the most prominent methods of software development. It allows for quick and easy implementation, management, and changes to the given piece of technology. There is yet another crucial part of the agile approach called agile retrospective. Today, I will shed some more light on its details and nuances.

What Is Website Design and Coding Web Application?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 15 March 2023

When you hear the word application, what probably comes to your mind is a mobile application. However, in the web development world, there are other types of apps. Today, I would like to write a few words about web applications.

What Is the Difference Between a Back-End and a Front-End Developer?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 8 March 2023

Websites are created with the use of various programming languages. If you were to check a particular website source code, you would see nothing else but text. Letters, numbers, and symbols are all programming languages.

What Is the Meaning of Stacks for Website Development?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 1 March 2023

Nowadays, any piece of software, whether it is a website, an app or any other project, needs several pieces of technology to allow proper functionality and look. Web development processes evolved. To understand them better, I would like to devote a few words to the stacks meaning in website development, web applications and mobile apps.

How to Create a Business App? Discover the best practices

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 22 February 2023

According to statista.com, there are over 3000 apps added daily to Google Play Store. Of course, we need to consider that most of them never get successful due to various reasons. However, successful apps can generate quite an income. In today's article, I would like to take a closer look at the business aspect of app creation.

What are the uses of API in business environment?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 15 February 2023

API seems to be more and more apparent whenever we search for applications, tools, or even a company of developers to build a piece of software for us. What is API? API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. 

5 interesting ideas for apps to create in 2023

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 8 February 2023

Have you ever thought of how it would be to build an app? I am sure it crossed your mind several times. Maybe you did not have the specific app idea in mind but for sure you imagined yourself as an owner of one.

5 useful apps for Slack to use in Agile development

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 1 February 2023

Nowadays, 'agile' is the word heard almost around every corner in the software development world. 'Working in Agile', 'Agile approach', 'agile project management'. These and many more expressions reach our ears very often.

Hybrid, native, or WebView application – which one is the best option for you?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 25 January 2023

Most technology users nowadays expect a lot from the software or apps they use. Ease of navigation, quick response, and functional layout are only a few of the features the end users look for. However, if there was one main functionality one could expect from an app or a system, it would be for it to work.

All you have to know about domain records and propagation 

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 18 January 2023

Anytime you type in the URL address of a website, you use DNS (Domain Name System). Thanks to DNS, the association of domain names with the appropriate IP addresses takes place. In other words, DNS servers assure that any website can be found on the internet.

What Makes a Good Website? 7 Lucky Steps to Your Website's Success

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 11 January 2023

You perfectly know when you are dealing with a great website. Whenever you enter one, you can see that all elements are well laid out and the colors are pleasing to the eye. The website is fast but does not overwhelm you with the amount of text or moving elements. The whole is just like a harmonious set of jigsaw puzzles.

What to Consider Before Registering an Internet Domain?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 7 December 2022

For many Internet users, a domain is simply a few letters they type into the browser URL bar to find the website they are looking for. Broadly speaking, it is correct, but an Internet domain has many more interesting aspects that I would like to introduce to you today.

How to Protect Yourself from Losing Website Data? The Importance of Creating Backups

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 6 December 2022

In the modern world governed by automated processes and remote work, security is of utmost importance. As we all know, some things are out of your control, but certain precautions can save your website and, more importantly, your business. One of the most important things to do to avoid tragedy is to create backups.

Why do we Want to Know Your Budget Before Starting the Project?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 16 November 2022

Every time a potential client contacts us regarding our services, we are delighted that, yet another business decided to trust us with their project. No matter if it is an app, software, or any other piece of technology they would like us to work on, one of the most important initial questions we will ask is regarding their budget. 

How We Protect Our Clients From the Unexpected – Sailing Byte Insurance Policy

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 9 November 2022

Nowadays, online activities pose many threats. As a responsible IT business, we are aware of the threats the Internet poses and do our best to protect our customers from most of them.

A Short Story About a Long-Known Rule of the MAYA

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 2 November 2022

The question that some still may find a philosophical mystery is why we like what we like. In other words, what factors contribute to the fact that we find something pleasant, attractive, or likable?

Sailing Byte Tops The App Management and Support Industry

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 27 September 2022

Apps are the most ubiquitous tools of the modern world. No company can stay relevant or competitive without one, whether it’s for internal use or customer-facing purposes.

A Good Idea is Only 5% of the Success – How to Start a Business From Scratch

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 14 September 2022

What is the key to a successful business? If your answer is 'a good idea', you are only partly correct. Not in thinking that a good idea is meaningless but in thinking it is the most important. 

Sentry - the best thing that happened to the monitoring processes since the sliced bread

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 14 September 2022

What if I told you there was a way to monitor your SaaS software and catch any errors that user can encounter, with full data, and be able to fix it?

PHP 5 to PHP 8 - Modern Programming Language

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 3 March 2022

The years 2013 to 2016 were a stagnation period for PHP, causing a drop in interest in this technology. But all the work done since 2014, resulting in PHP7 and PHP8, allowed it to catch up with other programming languages, causing PHP to once again become a good project stack choice and a valid option for backend developers to be interested in.

End of life - v1 systems

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 15 September 2021

We would like to announce, that we are ending support period for appcore v1 and sailingcms v1.

Sailing Byte’s First Clutch Review: Five Stars!

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 1 September 2021

At Sailing Byte, we help businesses streamline operations through software solutions. We provide custom software development, website development, application management and support, IT consulting, and more.

Implementation and Change Management

By Kamil Bocheński on 27 July 2021

Everyone knows that “it takes time and effort to make an organizational change”. Unfortunately not everyone knows exactly what it means.  You have to ask yourself some key questions before introducing any change of process (“how we work”). 

Technical Debt In Software Developement

By Kamil Bocheński on 26 July 2021

This article will explain the basic concept of Technical Debt and propose a solution that may help to deal with it in a most convenient way. 

Pricing Models in Software Development

By Kamil Bocheński on 24 June 2021

This article will explain the differences between the FIXED COST vs PRICE & MATERIAL pricing model.

Hints From Scrum Master - How to Meetings!

By Kamil Bocheński on 25 May 2021

This one short article will show you how to manage preparation to various meetings by properly understanding their purposes. 

Sprint Planning & Sprint Review - How To Bring More Value Out Of Those Meetings?

By Kamil Bocheński on 24 May 2021

This article should help you to master the process of bringing maximum value of Scrum Events: Sprint Planning & Sprint Review.


Any problems with descriptions of tasks on our monthly reports?

By Kamil Bocheński on 10 May 2021

Are tasks describtion on our monthly reports not clear enough? Maybe this short article will help you!

Hints from Scrum Master - Product Owner - Role & Responsibilities

By Kamil Bocheński on 6 May 2021

You Want to know how to become an awesome Product Owner ?

Hints From Scrum Master - What Does It Mean To Work In SPRINTS?

By Kamil Bocheński on 29 April 2021

Why do we say that Sprint is a heartbeat of a product developement ? 


Any problems with Incident Classification?

By Kamil Bocheński on 23 March 2021

Do you have any problems with Incident classification that we have introduced in SLA packages? This short article should dispel any doubts connected with that issue.


Any permission issues with logging to Sailing Byte’s CMS ?

By Kamil Bocheński on 22 March 2021

In this artlcle you will find clarification about permission issues with logging to Sailing Byte’s CMS. 

Agile frameworks&tools - summary

By Kamil Bocheński on 12 March 2021

You may be confused why the same aspects are constantly mentioned as both positives and negatives during summary at the end of every article about Scrum, KanBan & Scrum-Ban (you can find those articles in "Konwladge Base"). There is a purpose to it and that purpose is to always consider “it depends'' as the best possible FIRST answer to every question.

Agile tools in software development: KanBan and it’s foundations (JIT & Lean)

By Kamil Bocheński on 12 March 2021

KanBan first emerged in post II World War Japan as a very important component of “Toyota Production System”, a groundbreaking shift in approach to production process management in car development.

Agile frameworks in software development - Scrum-Ban

By Kamil Bocheński on 12 March 2021

Concept of ScrumBan was first formalised in “Scrumban: Essays on Kanban Systems for Lean Software Development” written by a software engineering practitioner Corey Ladas in 2009.

Agile frameworks in software development - Scrum

By Kamil Bocheński on 12 March 2021

Scrum as a complete framework for software development was first described and formalized by two American practitioners of software engineering Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber in 1995. (Ken Schwaber Was one of the engineers that originally created “Agile Manifesto”).

What do "Agile" mean in context of software development ?

By Kamil Bocheński on 12 March 2021

Term Agile means to be “able to move quickly and easily.”  World of software development of 80’ and 90’ was far from being able to quickly and easily manage any changes. Every business need for new software had to follow a strict “Waterfall” path of development.


How to effectively inform Sailing Byte's support on issues and requests?

By Kamil Bocheński on 12 March 2021

How to effectively inform Sailing Byte support on issues and requests?

Hints from Scrum Master - Backlog Management

By Kamil Bocheński on 9 March 2021

Product Backlog consists of an ordered list of the work to be done in order to create, maintain and sustain a product. It’s managed by the Product Owner


What does each element of SLA Micro mean?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 5 March 2021

On your monthly report you can find "SLA Micro" section with multiple elements, that may sound vague. In this article I would like to describe what each of the elements mean and why it is important.

How to "Agile?" - full script

By Kamil Bocheński on 2 March 2021

If you don't know exactly what does it mean to organize things in Agile way, what are Agilie "frameworks" and how to implement them then this article is for You! 

Easy introduction to CMS systems with help

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 13 February 2019

On February edition of CT Real Estate Today we are touching topic of choosing proper CMS system for your needs.

Why your business needs a website

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 21 January 2019

We were invited to write next tech article for CT Real Estate Today. You can find whole article why having a website is important for business.

Christmas is the day that holds all time together

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 20 December 2018

We would like to thank YOU this Christmas and wish you happy New Year.

For all the time you spent with us - thank you. For all the emails, messages and phone calls - thank you. For all work that was done together - thank you.

Edukacja finansowa najmłodszych

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 13 November 2018

Wszyscy kochamy nasze dzieci, i pragniemy dla nich jak najlepszej edukacji. Chcemy, aby potrafiły dobrze funkcjonować w społeczeństwie w niedalekiej przyszłości rozumiejąc systemy i zależności, jakie w nim panują. Jednym z tych elementów są finanse i ekonomia.

Multiple logins are so annoying. Can I have something more secure, faster and easier?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 30 October 2018

Did you ever wondered if there is any easier way to just login once and have access to all your websites? There is a powerful and secure method that allows you to do this and keep you ahead of competition.

How to secure yourself from old PHP versions?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 10 October 2018

Have you ever tried to install website on server with old PHP version? If yes, you might've encountered problems, while doing so. But it's not also a problem with installing software - it's affecting usage and security of website. But you can be free of this fear, just read more about this issue.

How can I have fast core or plugin override?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 25 September 2018

Did you ever wanted to extend plugin functionality? Or maybe you wanted to edit some functions, that were not working properly? Many CMS systems are using plugins, which are not always fulfilling our needs.

What is the cost of coding powerful and amazing websites?

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 11 September 2018

Did you ever wonder where does website cost comes from? How many people are involved in creating professional website? What is the cost of running web portal?

New Laravel version is out! Get ready for updates!

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 5 September 2018

Laravel team released new version of framework. It is public now and has some awesome features! This free and amazing framework is used worldwide to help write stable and maintainable code.

There is no "best CMS" in general, but there is the best CMS for YOU!

By Łukasz Pawłowski on 1 August 2018

Before building a website, one must know whether or not to use Content Management System (CMS). Two of the main features of CMS include user and group management that allow more security to the content writers who upload their content on CMS. This system also allows users, the flexibility to organize a rather haphazard form of data. It most definitely eases up on the workload while giving a high quality output. However this can have its advantages and disadvantages.

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